Project Management

Project Management embraces various parties/people, procedures, practices and processes. Project management is used to ensure the development project is completed on time, within cost budget, in accordance with quality and design requirement, and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


The time allowed for carrying out the work as entered in the agreement shall be strictly observed by the contractor and shall be reckoned from the date of the commencement of work

• Recognize the value of knowing how to create an appropriate project schedule.
• Identify the main principle behind effective activity sequencing.


• Recognize the benefits of learning the principles of project cost management.
• Identify the key considerations that go into resource planning.


For Measuring & Monitoring the Quality parameters of Construction Project, the PMC shall establish “Project Quality Assurance Procedure” which provides interpretation / description of contract, and customer / client requirement relating to Quality Assurance activities.

• Good method of work execution
• Good Workmanship
• Good materials for construction


During the execution of works, every care shall be taken to ensure that the safety and convenience of workmen staff, authorized visitors to site and the public are duly catered to and that all operations are carried out in such a manner as to cause least interference with the traffic or ordinary pursuit of the people.

• Work Safely
• Understand that it is to his advantage to work safely
Integrated Schedule, Cost Control and Fee


• Recognize the benefits of knowing how to integrate time and cost control.
• Match the variables used in variance analysis with their corresponding formulas.
• Perform a variance analysis given a project performance report.


Methods to be adopted:

• All the works should comply with the tender specification & client written directives. The method of work should give due consideration to economy of construction.
• Improvements to quality & improvements in schedule of construction. Deploy specialist agency, as required with view to improve performances quality.

Things to Ensure:

• The types of resources (skills categories) are determined in quantities and unit costs.
• The time-phased “usage” of resources is documented.
• The time-phased use of cost budget is documented.


Process Control:

PMC shall ensure that the processes are carried out in controlled conditions. The controlled conditions shall include the following:

• Accepted procedures / sequence of performing an activity.
• Deployment of suitable equipment and machinery, to complete the activity as per schedule and its timely maintenance to ensure continuing process capacity.


The objectives of the Project Management Team are:

• Construct an organizational process frame work.
• Ensure that the constructed process frame work is appropriate.


• Obtaining all the preliminary drawings and designs from the concerned
• Architectural, Structural and other Consultants appointed by the CLIENT Verifying all the specification, Bills of Quantities, Abstracts and Cost Estimates as submitted by the concerned Consultants. Budgetary forecast estimates to be prepared.


On approval of the detailed action plan & physical and budgetary estimates by the CLIENT, the following steps should be taken:

• Workout the sequence for execution of various infrastructure activities in a phased manner.


The purpose of this section of the report is to present and establish the setup of PMC and to ensure compliance with the Client recommendations, Consultants, Contractors.

• Under this phase, the work of execution of different activities of the project shall commence as per the sequence already finalized and approved.
• The works should take off duly providing mobilization time for the executing agencies.
Programme Charts & Progress Reports:
• As soon as the contract is awarded, a suitable programme of work, preferably in the form of a PERT chart shall be drawn up for completion of the different stages of the work, so as to ensure its completion within the allotted period of time.

Coordination & Monitoring:

• The PMC to ensure that execution of the work progresses smoothly in accordance with the programme and in proper co-ordination among contractor / vendor, consultant and client.

Testing of Materials & Approval:

• PMC ensures the use of Quality Material and to exercise proper quality control on the works, certain tests are to be undertaken regularly by the contractor during the progress of the work.

Construction Supervision:

• Measurement Book shall be maintained very carefully and accurately as these may have to be produced as evidence in a Court of Law as and when requested in case of any dispute.

Certification of Bills & Payment:

• The rates for different items are as per agreement and / or the approved rates for variation.

Organization Chart:

• Project Management will involve the coordination of DSC’s resources with Clients, Consultants (Architecture, C&S, and Services) and various Contractors. The Project Management Team will be located at site in order to maintain close contact with Client & meet the requirements.

Role Description:

• The authorities and responsibilities are detailed below in the description of various project roles.


Project Manager

• Primary point of contact with Client & Design Team
• Shall be located at site.

Site Engineer

• Responsible for the coordination of all construction work in cooperation Project Engineer.

Safety Supervisor

• Inspection of site equipment including machineries, tools, First aid Kit etc.
• Conduction regular safety inspections, Hazard spotting exercise.


• Assigning an Engineer-In-Charge to the Project who can be contacted for day-to- day issues by the contractors and others.
• Follow up an adherence on the drawing version control.


• Effect complete administration and management of construction, supply and installation of equipment’s, lifts, fire fighting arrangements etc. pertaining to the project contract.

• Attend to laboratories / Testing locations of concrete cubes & other materials collect any specific warrantee/s or guarantee/s given involved in the project.